at The Arches

Comments from New Territories, Glasgow, February 2003

Strange at first not to be able to see anything that was going on. Sense of touch and hearing took over. Would have liked to spend more time in the space

I felt like a blind giant walking on mountains.

I felt free but cossetted by the sounds and changing lights, free to make up my own stories - beautiful.

I didn't really understand the concept of it all.

I thought it was really interesting once you get into the circle. Very positive and happy experience.

Even with the extra emphasis on my other senses I still felt very exposed due to the lack of sight. I felt very powerful yet weak.


Intriguing, elemental, absorbing experience - not to be missed.

Watching and partaking gave space to reflect and react - great experience - thank you.

Great fun - a new experience.

interesting and loads of fun


Quite a fun way to let go of inhibitions - thought it was hilarious to see my macho hubby twirling round in a 'dress'!

I'll be back!

The idea of escaping into other types of interaction. Very interesting idea.

Much more fun to play than to watch - like a good game should be! Left us wanting to come back - intriguing. Thanks.

It didn't really light my fire. I played with the sound and had fun with that for a bit but to be totally honest I didn't find it very engaging. Also I thought the sound effects were a bit village. Thanks though - I'll try again after a beer.
then... Oh I came back and played with more people in the space - this time a lot more interesting but I'm not sure if it's too open. Still - fun as an abstract thing but not sure what it really has to offer being super-critical. Thanks I enjoyed it and I think that's pretty useful.

I suddenly got ears and feet again. A good experience and new thoughts about consciousness. Thanks.

It's a great experience. It is like a game, trying to make your colour win. I think red is the best, it is loud and makes you feel like the centre of the universe. Thanks for all Ali and Sarah.

It was fun. I even ended up dancing with a complete stranger.

An interesting game of musical snooker. Cheers.

Not what I was expecting in a far more involving and interesting way. Thank you for an insight into your own ideas.

Whan the cat's away the mice must play. Why? Nibble nibble little mousie. Thanks xx

My feet hurt today and this was therefoe a nice massage... mysterious. A nice experience


With the mysterious environment I listened to your sounds and opened an ear to my body.

Surprisingly relaxing, therapeutic and indeed, sensuous. Was vaguely 'out of body'. Great.

stunning - every home should have one.

I just watched

Deaf boy hears good things. V spooky. V. good.

It's better than bowling

What a fantastic introduction to Glasgow theatre. Enjoyed the novelty of the soundscape dictating the movement within the spacew and the fact that the audience were the performers. Congratulations on a job well done & special congrats to the techies! Cheers

An intense audio and visual experience for both audience and participants. Also fantastic fun. Thank you.

Wonderful. Would love to spend much longer exploring your audio, visual, sensual world.


Comments from REDCAT, Los Angeles, January 2004

Creative and Original, technically challenging. Good Work.

My imagination and sense perception were really affected, I can see how disorientating it can be while also transporting one into a 'new world'.

Very confusing and intimidating

A little too complex to know whether I've been actually relating with the thing or not. Lots of fun nonetheless.

Absolutely fantastic show!! This is the way to go - wave of the future!!

Most unusual. Light. Darkness. Silence. Sound. Notion. All rolled into one. Very creative - thoroughly unique.

Very interesting and definitely different

Thought it (the secret) was in the padding

What great fun! Isn't technology Amazing? Thank you.

A very novel and innovative experience - good to have such opportunities here.

I was confused - trying to determine my sound from the underlying sound. Then when I determined the voice that was mine , wanted to control it, (not successful) and found the voice somewhat grating. Very interesting - but what does it mean?

Bringing cohesion between science and art is a very important social endeavour, one particularly interesting to me. Thanks so much for this piece! It is a beautiful amalgam of movement, vision , sound and... FUN!!

Sarah and Alistair, Thank you for that mysterious experience. Very beautiful, Keep in touch.

Comments from Chichester, Chichester June 2004

Wow! Body moved toward sound and took over (vs listening and responding) Thank you. Great Experience

Interesting Experience

Weird and wonderful - I'll be back for more. Thank you

Thanks - a powerful experience. More liberating than Mardi Gras - you should bring this the US! Thanks - Grace - the yellow

Unbelievable! Kathy (California)

Absolutely interesting and fascinating. Thank you for the experience . Mae (Malaysia)

Very fascinating and other worldly

Opened the senses Samantha (Canada)

Tried different colours, found it difficult to track, but put me in a different state (of consciousness?). I feel I would like more time , time and time to try again. Thank you

What a very strange experience, Wonderful. Thank you

Wonderful rediscovery of attachment to floor - liberates movement and encourages sensory focus, more on tactile sensation that sound, feet still tingling!

An impulse to move A reason to stay - at the threshold of perception Fab!

Pools of colour and sound, yet blind - strange - unnerving

Fantastic!! Just as calming as Tai Chi and experimental as improvisation

I was here!

Innovative and colourful!


I am Yellow The second time today, first was yesterday - am back for the chance to feel led and By the sound, the freedom of giving up my desires for a space of time directed by the costume and warmed by the light, feet on soft floor clinging to the noise that is mine - something to hold on to - a guide in a sometimes confusing world. I will mix- you will hear me - we may touch, but I am reassured by having found my purpose - a rarity presenting itself in a dark room here. Let me know what happens when you think again!

Brilliant! Totally lost my sense of direction and enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this! Fantastic!

Could only think of being blinded in No Man's Land with shots being fired around, and being ???/with the injured or dead on top of me.

I loved it so much. It was so free and wild. You would never get to do this at school. It's so much fun. Thank you 4 letting me enjoy myself. From Lily

It was so much fun. I had a really good time. Love from Rosa

I think Lily and Rosa said it! It was like entering a magical space, say Prospero's Island and existing wholly within it For me it was beautiful to watch my kids too in their own sound/sense environment.

Finally got to experience Sensuous Geographies after two years. Got lost in sounds and space!!!

Interesting. Good discussion

Fantastic experience and great discussion


Comments from Winchester: 7 - 11 November 2005

Calming yet psychedelic. A great experience!

Relaxing, but intense. After you let yourself go, you are in your own world. and you don't care who's looking!

Sight, Sound and touch!

Very surreal. A new experience.

I felt lost in the costumes; different to how I imagined it to be.

It was an amazing experience. Thanks.

Logic doesn't work and ???? me, trying to feel sound not hear and control sound. Completely different experience than anything I have been to before.

You feel you want to logically work out how you are making the sensors react, however embodiment seems to be the key.

Could work out where I was in the space by the textures on the floor. Kept my eyes shut, that worked a lot better. Knew I wouldn't get out of perimeter 'cos I could hear the sounds on the edges. Sometimes felt like I should duck down to maybe go through an archway!

Very good experience, not something I have done before.


Inspiring chorographically, mentally in a way boosting thought frustrating! The initial surge of sound as you enter the space gives you a sense of identity within this 'alien'/new space. When the sound dispersed and is controlled by another mover you feel a loss of control and feel almost isolated in the space - losing your sound identity. Thank you very much.

Hi, I love it! I'm actually making different sounds with unique colours! I should try this at my halls at night would freak people out. I enjoyed it ....might even do a movie about it .... You guys gave me a great insight to remember and experience! Brilliant! Thanks a lot folks.

Please stay in contact. Thanks for everything and having us! It's definitely been an experience never to forget! Thanks. (local 'guide')

It was definitely a new experience; at first it felt strange but once you get over the initial shock of your first experience it becomes a part of you! You can play with the sound and experiment to all of your heart's content! I enjoyed becoming lost in the movement, distancing myself from reality! The more advanced you get from being involved, the more experience you get from it! Many thanks, (local guide.)

An interesting new idea, different view once been in the piece than watching. It felt slightly limiting and didn't feel the freedom of dance as only the speed affected the noise. However I loved how my movement changed the music. (local guide.)


With the body in a space, that creates no specific means for devised movement or narrative, it interests me the ways in which the use of sound as a technology can create that narrative.(local guide.)

Great use of new technology but an obvious lifespan.

Great experiment and glad to have a chance to be a part of it. May have benefited from having more people in each session. Excellent idea...maybe develop into the pictures that the sounds could create, (local guide.)

Thanks for something so enlightening. Anything else that comes up please contact me. Thanks again.

It's off the hook!! (verbal response)


Comments from Bedford 10 - 13 January 2006

Like waking up my feet, touch and hearing sense - walking in another world transcending logic and communing with colours. The face cover reminded me of burkas and hidden faces are particularly poignant with Iraq, etc. what an amazing experience. Visually I loved the way the sound nets sliced vertically through the colours and the sinuous long sleeves. Fantastic work, feel privileged to have been there.

Voices were haunting. It felt like they came from my head. Much preferred taking part. Enjoyable experience.

This is such an interesting concept. I am glad I have had the chance to experience this - allowing me to close my eyes and discover my other senses. This has such scope for more complex experiment in time to come.

First I didn't know where I was and then realised how present and involved I felt. Two hours felt like two minutes. Absorbing experience! Thank you!

An addictive experience. I didn't want to leave the space. I didn't want to see. The sound was everything.


Red was my colour definitely - but did red like me or did I like red. Mesmerising.

The costumes look as if they were designed for a ...strange rite of colours... liked the way the floor felt, which enabled me to also sense with my feet ....which is fantastic!

Moving in an auditory landscape was an extraordinary experience. Having recently had a baby this shifting, uncertain, indeterminant space was a joy!

The often unconscious relationship of sound with body, body with sound began to be revealed! Thank you for a fantastic and fun experience.

Thanks for a fascinating experience - delving into my subconscious and following impulses in a way and don't know when my eyes were open.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play giant medieval chess with you this week! It has been something that has grown and grown for me. It feels such a shame that we have to stop when each time I seem to grow in confidence and want to experiment more! I would love to go further with the floor - even more bubblewrap, etc, to make it more of a sensual playground. Thank you. (local guide)


Thank you so much for the last couple of days. It's been fantastic fun, I never got bored with experimenting with the sound and movement. If you ever get stuck for a guide, call us. Keep in touch/ (local guide.)

A view of a universe. When people get the flow and grasp the rules the event is like a scene between heavenly eyes and earthly movement echoing in harmony. But when one loses the touch, the feeling is like getting lost in the midst of the noises of modern technology. (East Asian visitor)